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Automated Money Review

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Here is a review of Automated Money Machine which started about July 2010
The AUTOMATED MONEY MACHINE is a combination of ideas that are missing in most home based businesses. 
The website is powerful and the webinar on the home page does most of the selling for you

You will be impressed as I was after doing my research on this outstanding and simple opportunity.
It's not MLM, cash gifting or a pyramid, no cold calling and zero selling! 
Big profits that anyone can attain by just driving traffic to the site.
And Automated Money Machine gives a simple blue print on how to drive all the traffic
you will ever need to then create a 5 digit monthly income

Automated Money Machine (AMM) is in essence  a high ticket direct sales business opportunity.
With the AMM system there are 5 product levels starting at $500 going up to $12,000.
 The potential profits for an individual are $500, $2,000, $3,500, $6,500,and $12,000.
 The respective levels are called the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

All payments are made directly to the independent business owner by cashiers check, money order,  bank wire or even credit cards.
Payments are made directly to the independent busines owners.
There is no waiting for paydays or even worrying the company will go out of business.   
You receive money first.   
The company makes its money with a mandatory one time admin fee.  
The admin fee ranges from $195 to $199.  
The fee goes up $1 for each level.  
The admin fee is paid for online via credit card or debit card.

The Products:  The products are an extensive library of software and video tutorials with systematic teaching on how to market that anyone can follow & implement. The courses range in topic from secrets of direct mail superstars to super detailed video tutorials on internet marketing and the way to successfully market on the internet. Best yet, you can be a top earner in quick order by taking action & following the blue print provided.

The System: The Automated Money System is a superb marketing system that is easy to follow & put into action which then quickly creates 500 to 3500 paydays. The system is set up to ensure that a person can plug in today and be running a business for themselves tomorrow. The set up time is extremely short and can be accomplished within a few days.  The Automated Money System comes complete with pre-made, fully customizable web sites, built-in autoresponders, a webinar presentation system that does all the promoting and explaining of the system and easy to use traffic systems so that an individual can easily begin getting traffic to their site inside a twently four to forty eight hour time period.  The system includes a full fledged back office along with step by step getting started instructions, training videos as well as state of the art tracking system to track and monitor payments and business generated.


High ticket program makes it easy to make 5 figures per month with very few orders.

500 to 3500 buy in gives a good range to fit most pocket books.

System is entirely arranged for you ready to plug and play.
Web sites have  been proven and tested to convert.

Proven traffic sources you are able to plug into  to produce income quickly

The back office tracking system is state-of-the-art and meticulously maintains track of everything.

Everything has been set up for  you just  plug into this "business in a box".  


 The higher ticket program isn't for every individual and excludes some individuals.

 Other than that this is a legitimate program where  you can truly create a 5 digit monthly income.







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